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We work with each and every one of our clients to create an individualized approach toward continued wellness, in meeting the specific needs of our diverse clientele. A sober living coach must be capable of providing a client with the skills and guidance necessary to successfully complete his or her recovery plan. The dynamic between a client and his or her recovery coach leads to the positive changes required for successful day-to-day living. Furthermore, a recovery coach must be able to ask difficult questions and then carefully listen to the client’s answers. The coach then uses this information to help the client reflect on his or her life to clarify what life circumstances led up to his or her drug or excessive alcohol use. In addition, a sober coach must be a skilled communicator that can provide a client with practical guidance.

What does a sober coach do?

A Sober Coach is a mentor to help you along in your path of recovery. We are here 24/7 through the phone and we will also meet face to face five times a week. We will quickly get you acclimated within the recovery community in your area. But after a certain Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober House for Living period of time passes, it is time for a client to move on towards a more independent stroll through recovery. While we all need support from those around us, seeking professional support forever is not a good sign of progress through recovery.

So whether you are transitioning into or out of a recovery program, transitional Sober Companions help you bridge the gap between a treatment program and your everyday life. We are here to help beat the odds, save lives & to bridge the gap & make sure all have the same opportunity for a quality recovery & way of life. Our clients have gifts & talents to share, goals to attain, & meaningful lives to be lived.

The Benefits of a Mentorship in Recovery

Knowing how to break free from alcohol is one thing (and it’s a big thing), but once you put the drink down, you realise there is a lot of work to do around how to reframe life through this new sober lens. There’s a multitude of challenges to face, all of which can be turned into opportunities for growth and self development, and thats where I fit in. I coach you to turn your fears into strengths and opportunities, and to lean into the discomfort rather than avoid it.

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