Zendesk vs HubSpot Service Hub Customer Service Software Comparison for2023

zendesk vs intercom vs

Intercom also has a community forum where users can help one another with questions and solutions. Monese is another fintech company that provides a banking app, account, and debit card to make settling in a new country easier. By providing banking without boundaries, the company aims to provide users with quick access to their finances, wherever they happen to be. As you can see, Intercom does not publicize most of its prices.

zendesk vs intercom vs

But to provide a more robust customer experience, businesses may need to consider integrating Intercom’s AI tool with a third-party customer service platform, as it falls short of a full-stack offering. AI and ML make customer service functionalities like chatbots, sentiment analysis, ticket creation, and workflow automation possible. All these features are necessary for operational efficiency and help agents deliver fast, personalized customer experiences. Gorgias is a customer service software designed for ecommerce stores. They’re primarily a Shopify app, but recently they’ve integrated with WooCommerce and BigCommerce. They deeply integrate with Shopify that helps support agents to deliver excellent customer support seamlessly.

What are customers saying?

Let’s break down Intercom, Drift, and Zendesks’ marketing strategies and see examples of how they build their online presence. And that’s really it, that’s how we tend to build comparison charts internally. Quickly, do a quick, you know, the different plans here, essentially the pro and the premium, just look at the different differences real quick. It could be interesting way to experiment how to structure the original messages. Thankfully, both Gorgias & Intercom come with mobile apps for Android & iOS.

  • While Intercom offers a “Starter Plan” for very small businesses, the price for larger companies is scaled upward, too.
  • Excellent marketing strategy – definitely, a reason to keep an eye on your competitors’ newsletters to spot these kinds of situations that put you in a bad light in front of a big community.
  • When it comes to creating an optimum knowledge base experience, both Intercom and Zendesk are excellent choices with similar capabilities for your needs.
  • Zendesk identifies itself as a growth-enabling, all-in-one solution.
  • We’ll have email as the foundational one, then the website portion through the Zendesk web, which is very similar to what Intercom has.
  • You can try it now to enjoy the free plan or 14-day free trial without inputting your credit card details.

Automate most of the tasks so customers don’t need to contact you in the first place. Greatly increase customer satisfaction while reducing agent case loads. In both cases, you can find customers who are delighted or disappointed with the two platforms. According to some reviews, Zendesk makes you wait long before their support team gets back to you.

Knowledge Base Features

If you only need the services Intercom offers, then you’ll only spend around $75 a month for two seats. Zendesk is around the same price for its smallest suite offering. Another feature Intercom offers that Zendesk doesn’t is email marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. While Zendesk offers a wide array of support features, many more than Intercom, there are a couple of major features it lacks that Intercom has. The first is proactive, in-app messaging, and the second is email marketing capabilities.

Does Zendesk integrate with Intercom?

The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations.

Gorgias and Intercom aren’t the only great support tools for your ecommerce store. Well you don’t have to worry about it with either Gorgias or Intercom as they support multi-store connections. It means that no matter how many Shopify stores you have, you can manage support for all of them from a single place. And features like ticket assignment, private notes, mentions, and tags help you do just that. Both Gorgias and Intercom let you automate your team’s workflows for optimum efficiency and to ensure your customers get the best experience possible.

Does Zendesk have an Intercom integration?

Whether you need someone to help create content, set up ads, or build workflows, there’s a partner here for you. Some of the links that appear on the website are from software companies from which CRM.org receives compensation. This site does not include all companies or all available Vendors. Many use cases call for different approaches, and Zendesk and Intercom are but two software solutions for each case. The Zendesk marketplace is also where you can get a lot of great add-ons. Popular integrations include Slack, MailChimp, Dropbox, and Jira.


And if you want to invest in making more sales and conversions with your help desk software, it may be worth it to put some money into Intercom for its uniquely conversational approach to front desk help. “Favorable” and “Critical” user reviews are selected using the review helpfulness score. The helpfulness score predicts the relative value a user receives from a given review based on a number of factors. Factors may include the content in the review, feedback provided by other readers, the age of the review, and other factors that indicate review quality. The favorable review displayed is selected from the most helpful 4 or 5 star review.


Plus, being authentic and creating a recognizable visual identity will always help – Intercom visual content is always colorful, playful, meaningful, and easy to spot. Another website detail that caught my attention was from Intercoms’ website. The company changed the item’s order on the pricing page, focusing on the “Try metadialog.com for free” CTA button, instead of the price, as it used to be before the change. If you’re spending more than one day formulating strategy, you’re missing out on countless opportunities. Learn why a Sentient Strategy® approach could make sense for your company. You can find the entire list of integrations for Gorgias here.

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With Front, you won’t have to choose between efficiency and building strong customer relationships. Zendesk offers a basic plan that is affordable and will suit my needs. However, I do recommend Intercom for eCommerce stores that may need to integrate the features with their store.

Intercom for small Business

To understand how Zendesk is getting its engagement numbers, let’s dive deeper into the most popular two posts from the last 12 months. After seeing some top examples of how Intercom, Drift, and Zendesk differentiate their websites, let’s focus on their Social Media channels and have a look at their content. Intercom is huge, Drift is revolutionary, and Zendesk is powerful.

zendesk vs intercom vs

Operators will find its dashboard quite beneficial as it will take them seconds to find necessary features during an ongoing chat with the customers. Admins will also like the fact that they can see the progress of all their teams and who all are actively answering a customer’s query in real-time. Zendesk has also introduced its chatbot to help its clients send automated answers to some frequently asked questions to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. What’s more, it helps its clients build an integrated community forum and help center to improve the support experience in real-time. You can create an omnichannel CRM suite with a mix of productivity, collaboration, eCommerce, CRM, analytics, email marketing, social media, and other tools.

User Resources

So, let’s look at some of the features that are common to both Gorgias & Intercom. And you want to be able to respond to conversations across channels from one single dashboard. Its integration with Shopify is very surface-level – you can view customer details and user actions but you can’t modify orders from the dashboard. Suppose a customer asks to change the details of a particular order.

zendesk vs intercom vs

Intercom’s design and overall user-interface feel modern, intuitive, and quite easy on the eyes. Their custom-made illustrations are beautifully crafted and their attention-to-detail is evident in almost every aspect of the tool. For any help desk software to succeed, the dashboard interface is extremely crucial.

Works with any cart platform

There is power to be realized in partnerships and the strategic combination of forces, and companies using chatbots for customer service can further enhance the CX, taking it to new heights. Netomi’s virtual agents sit alongside human agents to supplement and enhance the capacity of support teams, ensuring the seamless resolution of customer queries. Zendesk chatbot software is a suite of support app that helps transform your customer service into actionable customer retention and lead source via agent deployment. It has one of the most flexible plan structures, making it ideal for businesses of any size. It consists of support, chats, calls center solution, and knowledge base modules that you can upgrade separately.

Does IKEA use Zendesk?

Several large companies in Sweden, including Ikea and SAS, use Zendesk to increase the quality of their customer service.

If you own a small business, Zendesk and intercom do the same thing. But Zendesk UI is pretty straightforward, so if you need an uncomplicated system to help customers, collaborate and manage projects; choose Zendesk. Other features, like product tours and WhatsApp support, can also be added. You can also integrate with PandaDoc to create, sign, and track documents. There are also several ticket apps that you can integrate into Zendesk to reduce the time it takes to resolve a ticket. You can’t have more than 5 employees, and your user base must be small; 1000 people reached per month.

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And webhook is really more about integrating with another system. All three of them will help you integrate with other systems, but one of the things you wanna think about is how complex it’s gonna be to set up a specific channel. Is it just a matter of copying and pasting some API keys or something else? Or do you really have to go out of your way and build an entire integration with something else just to be able to send SMS.

zendesk vs intercom vs

It provides a 95% discount to startups for only $65 per month. You can live chat with your web visitors and send welcome messages, just like Zendesk. Most of the time, word of mouth is the most effective channel for acquiring new customers. With the Conversational Customer Engagement Plan, you can keep your current customers engaged by sending them feature updates, promotions, banner messages, and other exciting content. The Conversational Support plan helps you give quality support to your customers. It has a help center that notifies your team of new customer inquiries, requests, or issues.

  • Intercom offers an easy way to nurture your qualified leads (prospects) into customers with Intercom Series.
  • However, this is somewhat subjective, and depending on your business needs and favorite tools, you may argue we got it all mixed up, and Intercom is truly superior.
  • Now let’s go to pricing to understand what it would cost to send different things.
  • For standard reporting like response times, leads generated by source, bot performance, messages sent, and email deliverability, you’ll easily find all the metrics you need.
  • Therefore, businesses that have small customer service teams and are on a budget, will struggle with Zendesk’s high pricing.
  • After all, most businesses find it easier to use one solution for all of their needs rather than parceling duties out to different tools.

What is similar to Zendesk?

  • Help Scout.
  • Zoho Desk.
  • ServiceNow.
  • Freshdesk.
  • Gorgias.
  • HubSpot Service Hub.
  • Kustomer.
  • Front.

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